Just a quick note to express sincere thanks to you & Bobby for helping make this happen. The contractor & the folks at Frito-Lay were not familiar with the Thompson Strainer. We introduced the product to them. They liked what they saw (better than other options they were looking at) and I know they are impressed with the quick turn-around on the order.

I believe this will lead to more opportunity with this contractor that does a lot of industrial / design-build type work.

Thanks again for your help!

Jill R.
O'Brien Equipment

We have been running our cooling tower loop for about two weeks now. Just wanted to let y'all know that the side-stream filter has done a terrific job at clearing the water up.  The water had a rust tint to it at start-up, but now the water in the cooling tower looks like mountain stream water."

Tony P.
Continental Automotive Systems

“You guys are the BEST! Thank you all for making our customers extremely happy!

Thermal Care

“Just a word to thank you and all Miller-Leaman team. We were proud to put our Filtrindustries stickers on these Thompsons. Ben and I scrutinized them and we found nothing but 5 nice piece of nice work. Ben was specially glad about the heavy duty construction of the strainers : ‘’They reinforced the lid and the legs’’ he said, ‘’ … oh these guys aren’t nuts. They know how to work.’’ It was always a pleasure working with you.”


"You are, and continue to be, an asset to HealthPark Florida, looking out for us and helping us improve our process and systems."

Todd D. P.E.
Lee County HealthPark

"I deal with a vast number of vendors on a regular basis but Miller-Leaman stands out as one of the most professional organizations in my vendor list. Keep up the good work."

Jeff S.
Dyterra Corporation

"We are very happy with our current filter, you guys provide a very good product, thank you, it shows you care about what you are doing."

Luke D.
West Coast Fishculture

"Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I also appreciate your repairs at no charge. It is this kind of service that makes Miller-Leaman the premier company."

Jerry M. Sr.
M.I.S. of America

"Excellent follow-up. I wish all information requests were responded to as quickly and thoroughly as this one. Customer service such as this is not so common anymore."

Paul D.
Production Manager Technoform Bautec North America

"...they displayed a level of customer service that I haven't seen from a manufacturer in a long time."

Jim R.

"Thanks. You guys rock! I don't get customer service like this from anyone else. Thanks again."

Anita M.
Mechanical Resource Group

"...it is so refreshing for us to deal with your company when you are so very helpful and responsive. The filters work great. We think this is perhaps the best equipment purchase we have made so far in our plant and we will be certain to include these in other plants that we build or recommend the filters to other companies. Many thanks."

Graham T.
Pleasant Valley Bio-Fuels

"You and your company have a track record of providing immediate and accurate assistance.  Thanks!  ….As far as I am concerned, you are our first call whenever we run into sediment or other infiltration issues."


Mike A.
DS Waters of America

"My 3rd shift mechanic would love another one. In fact, I'm pretty sure he would do commercials for you if you asked."

Alan J.
Plastics Industry End User

"Thanks for your research and quick response. It is such a pleasure dealing with you guys!"

Maureen S.
Lincoln Associates

"A big thank you!!! Your company is truly a pleasure to deal with. You have a great team!!!"

Richard L.
WN Mechanical Sales Nevada

"You guys are the absolute best! Thank you for your prompt and thorough customer service! It is a pleasure working with you!"

Judi G.
D & B Engineering of New Jersey Inc.

"Your product and company speak for themselves in terms of quality and reputation."

Kris N.
T-Systems International

"Thank you for the support you give us. You're quick to respond and generous when some of our customers make simple mistakes."

Chris G.

"Thank you very much! You are supporting us with prompt/precise/excellent service and we do appreciate it."

Ben P.

"I wanted to thank you for the "Extra Effort" in getting the drawing done ahead of the order. Good working with you. Thanks again."

John B.
Control Factors

"In this world of missed deliveries and general incompetence, you guys are shining stars. Thanks very much for your prompt and efficient response!"

Maureen S.
Lincoln Associates

"I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts and how much we enjoy working with you guys. Thank you and all the Miller Leaman employees again for a job well done."

Jimmy H.
Pace, Inc.

"It is always a pleasure speaking with you about filtration...I can only say that I'm very pleased and a firm supporter of the Miller-Leaman filtration systems. Your filters have saved Vartek Industries in the neighborhood of $5000 a month in maintenance costs. Thanks again! Hope for a bright future"

Michael C.
Vartek Industries

"We installed (4) 8" Thompson Strainers on a cooling tower about a year ago and are happy with their performance here in Memphis, TN."

Matt K.
Cargill Inc., Memphis TN

"Thank you for your speedy and valuable assistance! Thank you again for your great service!"

Jeanne A.
Hoover Pumping Systems

"We  have been Oilfield Reps for Miller-Leaman for almost four years now and have found that their product is superior to competitors, is competitively priced, and that their after sales capabilities are exceptional. If you are considering taking on their line I would strongly suggest that you do so. Your company would profit not only monetarily but by making a superior product available to your customers."

Gene C.
Separation Solutions

"I just love the filter. It works great. And Miller-Leaman has the best customer service around."

Oscar S.
Attorney at Law

"Thank you, your customer service continues to impress."

Jeff A.
Glen Raven Mills

"We appreciate you taking care of [our customer]. They have loved the Turbo Disc systems and have bought more than any of my other customers. I didn't realize they even had that many cooling towers. Good job guys!! Miller Leaman rocks!"

Jimmy H.
Pace, Inc.

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