About Us


Miller-Leaman, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Bill Miller, Marty Shuster and Robert Leaman.

With over 28 years of experience in manufacturing filtration products for our customers, Miller-Leaman, Inc. has the know- how and credibility to deliver the right product to you. 

Manufacturing operations and management personnel are located in Daytona Beach, Florida in a newly renovated, state-of-the-art 52,000 square foot facility and if you are ever in the area we encourage you to visit our facility for a plant tour.

About Our Products

Miller-Leaman manufactures three unique filtration products, a patented line of stainless steel liquid filters/strainers commonly known as the Thompson Filter/Strainer, the Helix Screen/Disc Series and the evolution of automatic disc filtration, the Turbo-Disc filter, along with many custom Filtration systems to meet the needs of our customers. 

We pride ourselves with the ability to deliver the perfect product to you including custom filtration products to meet your needs. With our experience and credibility we know how to make you another one of our satisfied customers. 



For More Information

We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with any filtration applications you are working on. Our toll free number is 1-800-881-0320. You can also e-mail us at sales@millerleaman.com. We look forward to building a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with your company.