Food Processing

Food Processing

·         Canal Water

·         Chiller Protection

·         Compressor Protection

·         Cooling Tower Water

·         Flume Water

·         Food & Beverage Processing

·         Juice, Wine, Beer Clarification

·         Lake Water

·         Membrane Pre-Filtration

·         Membrane Protection

·         Milk & Dairy Processing

·         Municipal Water

·         Partial Dewatering

·         Pond Water

·         Potable Water

·         Pre-Treat for Desalination

·         Process Media

·         Pump & Valve Protection

·         R/O Pre-Filtration

·         Rinse Water

·         Seal Protection

·         Spray Nozzle Protection

·         Stream Water

·         Wash Water

·         Water Purification

·         Well Water



Thompson Strainer

Thompson Strainer

  • Manual Stainless Steel Conical Screen Strainer
  • Less than 1 PSI pressure loss-the lowest in the industry
  • Fully customizable

Engineered Systems

Engineered Systems

  • Multi-Stage Flume Water Filtration
  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • Sanitary Design

Turbo-Disc Full-Flow Systems

Turbo-Disc Full-Flow Systems

  • Automatic, Self-Cleaning Disc Filtration
  • Single Pod and Multiple Pod Systems
  • Multi-Stage Filtration and Booster Pump Options

Turbo-Disc Skid Systems

Turbo-Disc Skid Systems

  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Disc Filtration
  • Full-Stream, Side-Stream, and Slip-Stream Applications
  • Engineered with or without Pump and/or Booster Pump

Ultra-Pure UF Membrane System

Ultra-Pure UF Membrane System

  • Low Pressure, High Efficiency, Dead-End Filtration
  • Quick Start-Up, Efficient Operation, and Minimal Maintenance
  • User-Friendly Maxim Backwash Controller

Duplex Strainers

Duplex Strainers

  • Fully Customizable Duplex Sea Water Strainer
  • Significant Weight Savings Compared to Traditional Cast Duplex Strainers
  • Available in Various Alloys