Thompson SeaStrainer

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Key Features

  • Maximize use of Space in the Engine Room
  • Minimize Weight
  • Lowest Pressure Drop of any Sea Water Strainer for Optimal Performance
  • Simple Design
  • Bottom Flush Port
  • Highest Quality Stainless Steel
  • Substantially More Screen Area Compared to Traditional Basket Strainers & Y-Strainers
  • Customizable to Exact Specifications


  • Government / Military Vessels
  • Work Boats
  • Offshore Industry
  • Yachts
  • Racing Boats
Thompson SeaStrainer Thompson SeaStrainer Thompson SeaStrainer Thompson SeaStrainer

Specs & Documentations

Custom Designs
Spare Parts
Model Number GPM Inlet Outlet Style Lid Type Max Pressure Rating Flush Port Connection Size PDF
MLS-2-T316 100 2”/NPT CLAMP 125 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-3-T316 200 3”/NPT CLAMP 125 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-4C-T316 350 4”/FLANGED CLAMP 125 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-4B-T316 350 4”/FLANGED BOLTED 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-6-T316 750 6”/FLANGED BOLTED 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-8-T316 1300 8”/FLANGED BOLTED 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
MLS-10-T316 2000 10”/FLANGED BOLTED 150 PSI 1 ½ NPT
Name File
MLS-2-MOD1-Clamped Connections
MLS-2-T316-MOD5-Flanged Connections
MLS-2-T316-MOD7-Multiple Ports
MLS-2-T316-MOD18-Hose Barb Connections & Mounting Bracket
MLS-3-T316-MOD7-Inlet & Outlet Located on Same Side
MLS-3-T316-MOD13-Modified Connections & Flush
MLS-3-T316-MOD29-Multiple Ports
MLS-4C-MOD44- With Butterfly Valves
MLS-4C-T316-MOD33-6" Inlet & Outlet
MLS-4C-T316-MOD36-Multiple Ports
Document Name File
Thompson SeaStrainer Owner's Manual
Thompson SeaStrainer Data Sheet
Thompson SeaStrainer Efficiency Curves
Thompson SeaStrainer Fast Fax
Thompson SeaStrainer Cut Sheet
Marine Products Presentation
Marine Strainers Brochure
Marine Products Catalogue
Spare Parts PDF
MLS-2-T316 Parts
MLS-3-T316 Parts
MLS-4C-T316 Parts